UX Thinking & Skills

Passionate and experienced
Product designer

UX Thinking

I have been participating during the last years in conceptualizing new digital products working very close to business. Probably the most important part of a new design is Research. I have conducted customer interviews, focus group, analysing user needs, gathering data and synthesizing that data in order to improve usability.

After research its time to put my/our ideas in a mock-up with Figma, Sketch or Adobe. I have plenty of experience creating screens, user flows or the best way to organise the information. I upload to Invision and get feedback.

I usually test my/our ideas with users, colleagues and stakeholders where I can gather more information or specific business requirements. Usually I test the ideas linking the screens on Invision or creating a more complex project in Axure.

UX Tools

01. Sketch & Figma
Solid experience working with Sketch & Figma
02. Axure RP
My main tool to create prototypes and test them.
03. Invision
Fantastic tool to share my designs, receive feedback and create prototypes.
04. Principle
I use this program to create interactions and show how my designs work.

UI Skills

Sketch & Figma 99%
Adobe family 99%
Invision 99%
Axure 85%
Principle 65%

Check my portfolio

On my portfolio I have different examples of UX combined with UI. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

My Work